My name is Matt, and I am a creative problem solver who lives and works in the Portland, Maine area. I believe that good design solves problems, and thus, good designers are always in need. I have helped businesses solve problems related to branding, print and web design, and social media strategy. My design has seen clients establish new businesses, create excitement and buzz for new projects, and communicate goals and strategies to readers, customers, and consumers for five years now. Currently I am a graphic designer and web publisher/SEO at ReVision Energy in Portland, Maine.
When I'm not working for a client I am usually busy with his wife and two children, running (currently training for a half-marathon!), designing a typeface (when I get time), viewing fine art, teaching myself French, and trying new beers with friends.
I have also created a website (not being updated currently) called Filter/Gauge about art and critical writing, all through the lens of contextual themes.
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