CHASM by The Restless Atlantic
CHASM is The Restless Atlantic's first release and hopefully the first of many. The guys came to me looking for a mask that was melting into the desert; what we ended up with was ultimately more theatrical than that and for me the trip between the beginning of this project and the end is the real CHASM that this album symbolizes.

I don't do enough illustration and I hope that this project breaks that cycle. The entire image was created by myself in Adobe Illustrator and I had to teach myself all of the techniques as I went along. In the end we were left with a striking image that I hope jumps off of the shelves and encourages everyone to check the band out, because they rock—especially live—so make a trip to Portland, Maine and see them ASAP.
Some shots of the album after printing
The cover of the album
A GIF showing the process I took from beginning to end.
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