As a graphic designer with ReVision Energy I was able to be involved in many different projects over my time there. Below is a sampling of work done while I was on the team. 
Note: while I was there, ReVision underwent a rebranding (ReBranding?) that I was only partially involved in. The old logo is the yellow sun with the red arrows in it.
An infographic for Flight Deck Brewery giving their patrons facts about how much their solar array offsets.
ReVision Energy case study design
Page one of a flyer promoting a state-wide rebate program
Page two of a flyer promoting a state-wide rebate program
A poster made for the Grand Opening Party for a new Massachusetts branch of ReVision Energy
Cover for ReVision Energy's "Why Go Solar?" eBook. The eBook, which can be found here was also compiled and edited by me to be optimized for search engine discovery
Image showing relative amounts of solar insolation (a measure of solar energy availability in any particular place) between Texas, Maine, and Germany. Much of Maine gets almost as much solar energy as some of Texas, and much more than Germany, a nation that has become a world leader in adopting solar energy to power itself.
Image showing the available amount of both renewable and non-renewable sources of power available to us as circles relative to each other in size, with the exception of the amount of solar energy, as that circle would dwarf my graphic. Data source in the image.
Logo design for a wellness program within ReVision Energy. Elements of this logo are taken from the corporate logo, including the typeface (FatFrank) though in lower rather than uppercase, the blue color of the text and outside of the heart, and the two peaks of the heart, which were derived from the ReVision corporate icon
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