Marathon Fonts is a side project of mine to create my own typography. The designs below belong to a set of fonts called Tanner. I saw a really interesting piece of type design in a book about Ulysses S. Grant and wanted to know if it was available digitally and after asking around on Twitter, the consensus seemed to be "Maybe not" and I was encouraged to go for it.

My goal for Tanner is to hammer out some of the original's inconsistencies and create a four layered font family that will include a Solid, a Shaded, an Outline, and a Shadow layer with some cool ligatures and accents for people to use and to bring back (at least in spirit) a design created somewhere in the first half of the 19th century. Eventually, I would attempt to make a version that was truer to the source, but I think I need more research before I can tackle that.

At the bottom of the page are two phone backgrounds that everyone is welcome to download. If they don't download from this page email me at marathonfonts at
The ad I saw for Grant's first run for president. My apologies if you are a fan of Grant's second VP, Henry Wilson, or huge General Buckner fan, as this may be difficult to look at. But the idea of turning a pretty nasty seeming job (Grant hated being a tanner and hated the idea of following in his father's footsteps to be one) into a pretty good burn on the Confederacy is pretty cool. 
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